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2012-10-19 16:04 Reply
Chung Yeung Festival is On the way
Lunar September 9, the traditional Double Ninth Festival. Because ancient "Book of Changes", "6", number "nine" as positive numbers, September 9, the sun and the moon and sun, twenty-nine weight, and therefore called the Double Ninth Festival, also known as Chongjiu the ancients considered to be an auspicious day worth celebrating, and from a very early start this holiday.

Celebrate Chung Yeung colorful and romantic activities typically include trips enjoy the scenery, take a distance, ornamental chrysanthemum wear cornel eat Double Ninth cakes, drink chrysanthemum wine and other activities.

Ninth Day because "long" is a homonym, nine in numbers is the largest number of long-term implication of longevity, Moreover, the fall is also the year of the golden season of the harvest, the Double Ninth Festival, profound meaning, the people of this section has always has a special feelings, poetry the many poems He Chongyang, Wing daisy masterpiece.

Today the Chung Yeung Festival, has been given a new meaning in 1989, China's annual September 9 as the Day for the Elderly, cleverly combines tradition and modernity, become a respect for the old, respect, love old, HelpAge elderly festival. National authorities, organizations, streets are often organized at this time the old people stepping down from the workplace autumn trip or waterside or mountain climbing fitness, body and mind are bathed in the embrace of nature; many the younger generation of the family will totter elderly elders to the outskirts of activities to prepare some delicious diet for the elderly.

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