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2012-05-13 02:03 Reply
Turn up Paper Tape in China

What is Turn-up Tape?

The turn-up paper tape is made of the 100% paper repulp, it widely used in the paper mill, it matched with the IBS system automatic, and all the paperband turn up system(ibs,sandar,ect) It is the wide range of types, it is the thinner tapes reduce unnecessary waste.

Details :

Width 18.2mm~18.8mm. Thickness 0.9mm Design Folded,Multi-strands Color White,brown

Usuage :

- Tissues and towels

- Directory paper

- Newsprint

- LWC base

- LWC coated

- Fine paper

- Liner board

- Paperboard

Nowadays,not so much Turn-up Tape Manufacture in China,and only one manufacture meet the global standard.

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