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2010-12-07 01:03 Reply
What is the matter with our customers?

Hi Everyone!
I have been in this webiste for a while, I have posted few products here. Some of them are very fashion and new. Maily I do handbags, shoes, for woman. Sometimes, during the last two months, I get 2 emails from the customers. I try to find customeres in the buying leads, but I don't know why, always not further more reply... They don't even ask the price...But they do want to buy the products...Maybe them find others? I don't know...

:)  In addition, I sell Alexander Mcqueen cluthes, since last year Mcqueen left us, his work become more and more popular, If you are interested, pls contact with me.

I don't know whether I could send my email address here, but I would like to try  xiefang_218 at hotmail dot com... sorry... dear admininstrator...

Miss apol

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2. 2014-02-05 17:03 in response to: apol
Re : What is the matter with our customers?
Thanks for the post!
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