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2017-07-17 17:17 Reply
The introduction of our company



The following is an introduction of our company, and details of our products are attached.

In 2012, Our company BHL. Co, Ltd was built aimed to be the world best in oxygen and environment industry. We have obtained successful technology in oil-less mini air pump for oxygen generator and nitrogen generator. Our state-of-the art technology has resulted in various kinds of small air pump: condenser driven air pump, DC type of air pump, shaded pole type of air pump and DC type of air pump. We can optimize and customize our air pumps for your excellent products. You have a great chance to apply our powerful optimized air pumps to your finished products that all your customers desire the most. We have exported those pumps to Europe, South East Asia and North America.

Furthermore, our technology has created a membrane type of nitrogen generator which is cost effective and long life span. We can help you produce enough quantity of nitrogen with our technology of nitrogen generator. We have made them according to our customers’ specification. Our membrane type of nitrogen generator can give you more benefits because it has no danger of explosion and no electricity. You may deal with a new rule of Restriction of Hazardous Substances(ROHS) in Europe using our nitrogen generator for your products. You may apply our nitrogen generator to soldering field such as ultrasonic soldering related machines, wave soldering machines, PCB production line of refrigerator and air condition, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) field for preserving agricultural products, horticultural products, food and grocery and extremely low temperature chamber field. Our nitrogen generator can help you reduce  20% of dross rate of the fuel rod when applying to soldering field. Preservation rate and period extension rate of food quality can be increased when applying it to food packaging field. We have created cost effective and environment friendly product since our company has been established back in 2012.

Our company, BHL. Co, Ltd will do our best to get a best brand power in the world and good image with our environment and skin friendly products. You may go to to find more about our products. You also can go into and click ‘supplier’ button, then type BHL. Co, Ltd.  You will find our products there. We hope that you can contact us, so that we provide you with our great products you may feel satisfied with. We look forward to hearing you as early as possible.


Homepage :

E-mail :

Phone : +82-33-243-2422 Fax : +82-33-253-2423

Address : 45,Saraiul 1 gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

[Postcode 24408]







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