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2017-07-04 14:51 Reply
EC21 – Successful business talks in Thailand Exhibition
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EC21 – Successful business talks in Chungcheongbuk-do Excellent Goods Exhibition in Thailand
Hello, EC21 members:

A total of 35 companies participated in the Chungbuk Excellent Goods Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand in May and had one-to-one business talks with buyers (with some contracts concluded) while 150 buyers visited.

EC21 reported to members about successful business talks in which EC21 participated.
EC21 and The Ocean, two businesses specializing in finding buyers, screened promising buyers in advance and finally decided after talking with the companies. EC21 Team Leader Jeong Yong-hwa said, “We targeted four or more buyers for each company. We did our utmost to invite serious buyers to facilitate substantial business talks.” Originally 140 buyers agreed to come but heavy rain on the night of the first day resulted in some canceling their visits on the second day. But some buyers came without prior appointments. Others were separately invited by participating companies.
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We hope that EC21 will provide you with practical deals online and offline with more buyers.
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