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2017-07-04 17:35 Reply
EC21 Premium Service Event in July - Sub Account & Discount
EC21 Premium Service Event in July (1)

- Provide sub account when subscribing to
  Trade PRO (1 year service)
Provide sub account to all who subscribe to EC21 Premium Service (Trade PRO 1 year) in July. Both of the accounts will be upgraded to Trade PRO.

Additional sub account will be convenient for promoting at each storefront after posting different kinds of products using different individual IDs (i.e., when exporting cosmetics with computer products) 
- Application period : July 4~31
- To directly go to Trade PRO Application page :
EC21 Premium Service Event in July (2)

- Discount when presenting business license for Trade PRO (6 months service)
Discount of USD 60 when sending your business license after subscribing to EC21 premium service (Trade PRO 6 months)
- Price for Trade PRO (six months) : USD 837
- Discount when submitting business license : USD 60
- Final Price : USD 777
- Please send business license to


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