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2017-06-29 01:18 Reply
Supply Cleaning solutions for your Stained/Black and Stamped notes
 | We manufacturer and seller of different types of chemicals for cleaning of defaced notes and we also clean notes on percentage basis.We have the right chemical that can clean perfectly any kind of defaced notes coated on any colour without leaving any stain on the notes after cleaning. Our products includes
SSD Chemical Solution
Super Automatic Solution
Vectrol Paste
Activation Powder
Tebi Magnetic Solution, etc.
All our chemicals is sold with manual guide that provides instruction on how to use the chemical to perform the cleaning for those that do not need technician assistant to clean their notes. Cleaning Machine is also available for customers that need cleaning Machine for max cleaning. Our company is an endorsed and certified company, registered
and licensed for manufacturing of all sorts of chemical solutions base here in Africa,Asia,Middle East and Europe. We provide chemicals for anti-breeze bank notes currencies such as USA Dollar, Euro, Pound, and many local currencies.If interested kindly get back to us asap. Contact Email
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