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king shine machinery
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2017-06-16 16:52 Reply
General Failure of Maize Cleaner Machine
Maize cleaner machine is one of important maize processing machine and is used in maize cleaner section. In the operation of maize cleaner machine, there has some general failure. This article will finger out general failure of maize cleaner machine and how to deal with it.
1. The maize output is less or there has no maize output from maize cleaner machine. Then check the sieve mesh. And it may be blocked. Stop maize cleaner machine and clean the machine.
2. If maize cleaner machine always shakes, then check the screws whether they are loose. Tight the screws in time.
3. The maize cleaned by maize cleaner machine is not to meet the standard. Adjust the gap of the roller. Keep regular maintenance of maize cleaner machine.
4. If maize cleaner machine is normal, but the cleaning efficiency reduces.  Check the roller or the tooth. If there is abrasion, change them immediately.
The above is general failure of maize cleaner machine in the operation. Forestall the possible problems and improve cleaning efficiency of maize cleaner machine.
Maize cleaner machine is the key production of King Shine Machinery, with more than 20 years’ experience of manufacturing maize cleaner machine. King Shine Machinery is looking forward to your call.
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