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king shine machinery
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2017-06-16 16:51 Reply
Brief Introduction of Maize Mills For Sale in Malawi
Maize mills for sale in Malawi has the features of simple structure, good processing technology and installation, small volume, low noise, light weight, easy operation. What’ s more, maize mills are easy to produce a variety of maize meal.
Maize mills for sale in Malawi has many advantages, such as small investment, high degree of automation, cover an area of an area small and so on.
Maize mills for sale in Malawi is composed of feeding system, pull-type clutch milling system, milling, grinding, and it can mill different specifications, different mesh of maize meal.
Maize mills for sale in Malawi is composed of the host, fan, pipe of dust removal system. According to the requirement of the customers, it also can be equipped with bucket elevator, surge bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electrical control cabinet, color sorter, and so on.
The following is the working principle of maize mils.
After the material maize is milled to the required size through maize mills, the bucket elevator will sent the material to the storage bin, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder and they will be broken after the material evenly into the indoor host milling to mill. In milling indoor, the material has certain moisture content by milling. When milling, the heat is produced, and moisture evaporation, the pipeline interface is not tight, air is sucked into the outside, circulation pressure increases, that is to guarantee the mill's work under negative pressure condition, the increase of gas flow through ductwork into dust catcher, purified and back into the atmosphere, reducing environmental pollution.
Maize mills for sale in Malawi is the aim of King Shine Machinery, which is the professional maize mills manufacturer from China. King Shine Machinery has more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience of maize mills.
For more information on maize mills for sale in Malawi. Please contact us.
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