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2017-06-10 12:53 Answer
advance fee fraud reporting
Where do i post information about a fraudulent seller on the site?
EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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1. 2017-06-13 10:06 in response to: vince
Re : advance fee fraud reporting
Dear  Vince,  

Thank  you  for  contacting  us.  

It  will  be  appreciated  if  you  submit  the  frauder's  information  (with  the  proof  file  of  your  payment)to  this  page.

As  soon  as  we  receive  their  information,  we  will  contact  them.  Unless  they  solve  the  problem  with  you,  their  EC21  account  will  be  blocked  permanently.  

Looking  forward  to  hearing  from  you,
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