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2017-06-09 20:11 Reply
Beware of fraud
Pay attention to the Avicon company in Denmark, are scammers looking for advances and they do not give the goods, I will read this message, But be careful about experience, do not give up advances and do not give away payment products, they will not pay you , Even though they will do it at first, but then they will scare you, ....
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1. 2017-07-21 22:34 in response to: dkb2013
Re : Beware of fraud
Hello  all  businessmen  "  SCAM  ALERT"
Be  very  careful  in  dealing  with  South  Korean  companies  and  all  other  scammers  who  ask  for  TT  advance  whatever  the  percentage  could  be.  Almost  all  of  them  are  scammers.
I  was  recently  scammed  by  a  South  Korean  company  named  Ahmadnaz  Kamran  Trading  with  website  a  fraud  company.
The  following  are  the  telephone  Numbers  used  for  SCAM
Ahmadnaz  Kamran  Trading
Co  Ltd,South  Korea
Add:  Geonggi-do  Ansan  Si,
Danwon-gu,  South  Korea
Skype:  kamimsul
phone  +whats  app
+82-10  3133  1252
fax:  031  331  5085
We  have  recommended  to  list  this  company  on  the  international  black  list.
Be  aware
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