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2017-06-08 09:27 Reply
7 Tips to receive more inquiries from buyers
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How to receive more inquiries from buyers
- 7 Tips to receive more inquiries from buyers
Dear EC21 Members,

We’d like to enable you to receive more inquiries from buyers.

As such please review following tips.
We hope you enjoy great success with your business transactions, on the EC21 global market place.
1. Post Product
Please review your posted product after membership registration.
- Number of posting products :
Free member - 15, Trade OK - 200, Trade PRO - 500
- Where to post :
My EC21 > Basic Service > My Product > Add a New Product
2. Enter “Main Keywords” in the Product Name Field
If you have already posted products, please review your products’ name.
The main keywords of your product should be entered in the product name field.
- Keywords in Product Name field is No1 component of search result
- Avoid entering model number or non-English character in the product name
- If your product name is matched with the keywords that buyers enter, it will be listed on top of search result page.
3. Check Display Mode
Please ensure your Product Display Mode is set on “Yes”.
Even though you may post many products, if the Display mode is set as No, your product will not be searchable.
- To change display mode :
MyEC21 > Add a New Product, Check “Yes” in the “Ready to Display?” Mode which is under the product details box.
4. Post Selling Leads
If you want your product exposed to more buyers, don’t forget to post Selling Leads.
- Number of posting selling leads :
Free member -20, Trade OK - 200, Trade PRO – unlimited
- Difference with product catalogs
5. Product Update (or Repost)
If you update or repost product, your product will receive a higher search ranking than other products.
We recommend you to repost your product at least once a month. So that your product’s search results will be maintained. (higher than other product)
- How to repost :
MyEC21 -> My Product -> Manage Product -> Edit -> Submit
If you have nothing to update or edit, then just click Submit button in your product posting page. (as above). Just clicking the submit button will also help your product search results.
- If you’re a Premium Member, just select all product and click the Repost button.
6. Search Buying Leads
Please check if you’re using Buying leads. Buying leads have buyer’s buying request.
- How to use :
visit -> Enter your keywords in the search box (in the main page top) -> Choose Buying leads -> Click Contact Now
7. Post your Business License or Certification
Seller’s credentials are very important on the online marketplace. Please post your business license or any certification to gain buyer’s trust.
- Where to post :
My EC21 > Basic Service > Company Profile > Certification
If you’re a premium member (Trade OK / Trade PRO),
You can also use the Global Buyer Directory which has over 3 million buyers’ information.

Trade OK member can send 20 inquiries per day , while Trade PRO member can send 60 inquiries per day.
When you click “View Details” after searching buyers, you can see the buyers e-mail address.

- Visit Global Buyer Directory
- See Q & A or Global Buyer Directory

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