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2017-05-31 01:45 Reply
We are a mandate firm to our end seller Refinery company that supply oil and gas products to buyers and consumers. We represent the major Oil Refineries to the Government of the Russia Federation to help buyers meet their various requirements and need. We Can supply Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil Mazut (M100) email us @ ( skype: Standardoilllc for more clarification.

Below is our seller approved banking working procedure.
1.Buyer sends ICPO and registration certificate and buyer passport copy to Seller on receipt of Seller's Soft Offer . 
2.Seller issues Commercial Invoice to Buyer, Buyer signs and returns to Seller along with TSA for final endorsement. 
3.Seller Issue Dip Test Authorization Letter, Buyer contacts SGS on receipt of DTA and confirms this in CC E-mail to seller for proper notification of SGS inspection team. 
4.Buyers SGS team dip test in seller's tank on buyer’s expenses and release Fresh SGS report to both parties, Buyer sends TSR. 
5.Seller issues to the Buyer, Title of ownership certificate along with all export documentations, injection commences to buyer nominated tank and Buyer release payment as agreed by both parties. 
6.Seller pays commission to intermediaries involved in the transaction as per signed NCNDA/IMFPA. 
7.Deliveries follow the schedule of the Contract as agreed between parties.

The question now is why do some business personalities who are involved in other businesses different from oil commodities  come forward with frivolous company names to try and purchase products? Is these act proper to engage in?
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