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2017-05-19 15:02 Reply
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how to install / activate 2015.R3 Delphi DS150E Software
if you need free 2015 R3 License Key Keygen for Delphi/MultiDiag Pro/CDP Activation, pls contact with us.


-TURN OFF your internet connection!  
   -Shut down antivirus software!
   -Delete all files about the old version!

Step 1: copy "CARS 2015.R3 " or "Trucks 2015.R3" to your computer.
Step 2: run main.exe in "CARS 2015.R3" to activate(if you want to install truck ,please run main.exe in "Trucks 2015.R3")
- click start
- click yes to save FileActivation on desk
- use the 2015.3 keygen to active FileActivation
- click start again
- click no to open the FileActivation actived
- wait for install complete,enjoy!

if you cnn't run the 2015.3 keygen, please install [net-frame 4.0] from google

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