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2017-05-12 16:04 Reply
Introduction of EC21 member badge
Introduction of EC21 member badge
Now any EC21 member can post a EC21 member badge on their website.
This badge will link your website to your EC21 company homepage(Strorefront) so that you will increase your brand awareness and industry visibility.
How to use
01Go to, login and go to MyEC21
02Click ‘Company Profile’
03Click ‘Member Badge’ in My Account
04Select your preferred badge and copy the source. Paste it into your own website.
멤버 뱃지 이미지
If you send us the following information after posting badge, we will give you 5 weeks of Featured Product Advertisements (main page of

- Your website address (included Badge), your EC21 ID, your main product name.
- Send it to

Thank you,

Have a nice day !

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