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king shine machinery
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2017-04-21 17:44 Reply
Introduction Of Wheat Flour Process
Wheat flour mill processing system, is including four parts of the warehouse, mixing, conveying, dedusting. The warehouse is including the powder warehouse, storage warehouses and packaging warehouses and so on; the mixing part includes the measurement, the micro-adding, and the flour mixing and so on; the conveying part includes the mechanical conveying, the positive pressure conveying and so on; the dedusting system includes the control of the dust and the powder processing and so on.

Flour blending refers to the powder produced under the action of several different components and traits of the base powder, through the appropriate proportion (formula) made in line with a certain quality requirements of flour, in the flour blending process can also be added additives for modification. Through flour blending to meet the needs of many varieties of food flour. Perfect flour blending is the basis for the preparation of flour, should have a lot of functions, such as warehousing metering, insecticide, warehousing and pouring, flour storage, flour preparation, trace element addition, centralized packaging, bulk distribution and so on.
Henan King Shine Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in wheat flour mill manufacturing more than 20 years, and can provide more quality cereal machinery.

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