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2017-04-13 18:05 Reply
purchase of genuine leather scraps

Dear Sir/Madam

This is  Dr V.K.Gupta from  Shashee Enterprises, Agra-282005, (UP) India.

We want genuine cow leather scraps in bigger sizes say three hands x three hands (i.e.,18”x18”)  in plain Softy ( not embossed) and waxy finished top grain  in particularly two colours: Black, /Brown for shoe purposes in 0.8mm to 1.2mm. thickness. Our requirement of the scraps   is genuine cow leather scraps in plain softy ( not embossed) 10,000 Mt to 15,000 Mt in black and  10,000 Mt in Brown  colour/colours  this time and thereafter the same quantity on monthly basis packed in plastic  bags each weighing  25Kg  to 30 Kg. 

If the material is found O.K. we can even  negotiate for distributorship of the products in Northern India or whole of India.

For our esteemed Foreign suppliers 

    We shall expect all the standard documents  along with   the export documents viz.  Including the Certificate of Health of the leather duly signed  by some authorised Vet. , Wild life certificate etc ., Certificate of Origin  for which our respected suppliers shall not please insist for additional money. Countries

Please quote rates per Kg./CIF Mumbai Port.


Dr V.K.Gupta

CEO Shashee Enterprises, 37/263-A , Dayal Bagh Road, Agra -282005  (UP) /India

Mobile: +91 9412721162, Email: shasheeind

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