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DO NOT deal with Sande Jared of Mazi Global he is a FRAUD and running a SCAM
BE AWARE OF MAZI GLOBAL AND SANDE JARED!! He is a FRAUDSTER and is running a SCAM I was contacted by Sande Jared of Mazi Global in response to an advert for a particular kind of product that I am looking to source. He wrote to me with a price list and expressed an interest in starting a 'long term business relationship'

Normally I am careful of these kinds of communications but i decided to take a risk and see what would happen. Sande initially asked me to order around $4000 worth of product from him, to which I of course said No! I asked to order a small sample of product as a test run, so in the end we agreed on 15 boxes of product at a cost of $170. This was an amount I could comfortably risk so I went ahead.

Sande Jared insisted on payment via WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM (user name Doppings Genesis) which sounded some more alarm bells. The product was supposed to be delivered this Wednesday (April 12th) and after emails asking for tracking details of the company this is the email I got yesterday: Hello Shervin, Sorry for the late reply. Am sorry to tell you i had a problem with my boss as he is not willing to ship just 15 boxes. He said you should order at least 100boxes for the first time. Thanks for your time and hope to cooperate with your company for a long time. I asked for my money back but have net heard from him again.

This guy is a FAKE and a FRAUD. I am happy to provide the email trail and invoices he sent me as proof to anyone who wants it. The write up here form 'Steve RCs' in this forum is obviously also FAKE probably from his mate in China or something

Please DO NOT deal with him he will just take your money and you wont hear from him again. Needless to say Im not expecting any product to arrive! Karma will get him in the end
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