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Samsung UA110S9
Samsung UA110S9
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2017-04-08 11:59 Reply
Samsung UA110S9 in the World wholesale supplier Price in China

Now Samsung is adding its 110-inch version, model UN110S9, to the series. The massive TV was first shown at CES 2013, but never shipped. Now it’s official, and as of March 2014 it has an official price: $150,000. Cue more of those awesome fake Amazon user reviews!

So what do you get for the extra $977, besides 25 more diagonal inches and bragging rights? Bupkis. The two sizes are otherwise identical. And even the bragging rights go away as soon as your neighbor in the next compound gets that 120-inch Vizio.

Beyond its size and price, the most striking thing about the S9 is the design: this is a floor-standing television mounted on what looks like an artist’s easel, and the TV is designed to tilt up and down.

Under the hood the S9 also differentiates itself from other 4K TVs offering the rare full-array local dimming backlight, which could improve its picture quality compared with their edge-lit local dimming configurations. Its 3,820×2,160 Ultra High-definition resolution is the same, for what it’s worth.

The S9 offers a number of connectivity options, including Samsung Smart View, which streams content between the TV and a Samsung mobile device, and AllShare has now been extended to incorporate Samsung’s “smart” appliances, enabling monitoring of air conditioners and washing machines from the TV screen.

Speaking of connectivity, Samsung’s easel design prompted the company to rethink the necessary cabling ports. They’re housed along the bottom, and cables can be “channeled” to a removable module, called the One Connect box. That module is actually upgradable, a la the company’s Smart Evolution kit, to accommodate future 4K hardware requirements as well as new software. See our review of the F9000 series for details.

This story was originally published on January 7, 2013, and updated March 20, 2014, with information and pricing on the 110-inch size.

The biggest HDTV Samsung UA110S9 in the World Price in China

Wholesale Price:$977.00

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