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2017-04-07 02:55 Answer
Nickel Ore-Desperate For answer
I'm looking for products with the following specifications regarding nickel ore from company suppliers in Africa and China: 
1. Name of Company 
2. Geographic location on Google maps 
3. Photos of mine, factory, or product 
4. Year of foundation and number of employees 
5. The EXW pricing on the content of nickel ore of more than 2.5%? 
6. What is the chemical composition of your nickel ore? 
7. What other products does the company produce besides nickel ore? 
8. Do you or any of your representatives speak Spanish? 
9. Contact person and contact information 
10. What are your terms of delivery FOB to Valencia, Spain for nickel that has a content of more than 2.5%? 
11. Do you offer any type of insurance when shipping goods? 
12. Do you have interpreters that speak Spanish who provide services of cargo transport? 
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