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2017-04-01 16:06 Reply
2016 US imports figures of brake

United States got a total of 131704 brake transactions, which declined by half the number year on year.

Total weight was about equal to the same period a year ago. The peak was 33952.6 kilograms in Feb 2016.

Excluding unit price in 3 certain months dropping, the price went up in 2016 which drastically  jumped $90 in Oct.

Major trading countries are India(70.46%), China(12.26%), South Korea(3.26%).

Current buyers are Uquality Automotive Products Corp(1457 sales), Jh International Inc(599  sales), Advance Auto(2515 sales), Larue Enterprises(37 sales), Continental Teves Ag Co Ohg Joint(16726 sales).

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