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2017-08-01 12:16 Reply
Do You Know Corn Grinding Machine Usage Tips?

Nowadays, the  CORN GRINDING MACHINE is more and more popular in agricultural processing equipment,especially the corn and griain processing. It is very important for users to know the usages of this machine.To ensure the normal working of corn grinding machine, we need to pay attention to the following corn grinding machineusage tips.

First of all,  convey the material evenly to the stock bin, as too much material may cause air duct blocking and yield reduction.

Second, we should keep familiar with the grinding ring service life. The rest minimum wall thickness should not be less than 10mm.

Third, during material grinding, we should observe this process and strictly prohibit metal mixed into the machine, which may damage the grinding roll, the grinding ring and the center hanging bracket.

Fourth, we can improve the working efficiency of the corn grinding machine by adjusting the air blower according to the fineness and yield requirement.

Fifth, provide good lubrication condition for the rolling bearing of the transmission part to avoid serious damage.


Do you also have other questions about corn grinding machine usage?

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