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2017-03-17 12:29 Reply
Corn Flour Processing Line Feeding System

The feeding system structure of CORN FLOUR PROCESSING LINE is also relatively simple, and it is similar to the horizontal grain processing equipment feeding type. When the material accumulation in the feeding cylinder meets the requirement, the sensor umbrella sinks to drive the tumbler doing rotation, the sensitivity of which can be adjusted through the tension spring. The twirled tumbler will open the pneumatic switch, then milling machine begins to roll, and feeding roller feeds material into milling machine, till now the whole corn flour processing line turns into the working state. When the feeding system is in the automatic controlling state, the feeding valve is driven by the tumbler. Whether the valve is flexible will affect the sensitivity and reliability of controlling action, so the valve shaft should be paid attention to maintenance.


The rolling distance adjustment of corn flour processing line is mainly based on the grinding effect requirements to each working unit milling machine in the corn processing technology. The main purpose of the adjusting rolling distance is to make the stripping rate of the equipment meeting the technological requirements. In corn processing, we should always check the grinding product situation, do the correction of rolling distance without delay. When adjusting the corn flour processing line rollers distance, we should pay attention to the following operational points:


1. Grinding products condition at both ends of the roller should be basically the same, the thickness and temperature of the material should be the same.

2. When adjusting the corn flour processing line, we should observe the ammeter, and pay attention to its instructions. For the same equipment, the smaller the rollers distance is, the heavier the motor load should be. To prevent the motor from overloading.

3. Be careful that do not make the rolling distance smaller than the minimum value, to prevent the two rollers touching; minimum rolling distance limiting device should not be adjusted again in the period of operation.





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