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letter of credit

Lead Ocean Inc. We provide diversified trade finance solutions and services to companies engaged in cross-board transactions. We can help your cash flow after your contract signed with your suppliers. We have plans for you. Bank letter of credit is an internationally well acknowledged tool to facilitate various trading and transactions. We have been in this business over decades in China, and we have established this new branch in New York City. we are the professional here. Use our services, business owners can enlarge your business scale even with limited cash. To ensure the credibility of solutions, we have strong financial resources in top rated banks chartered in US, China, Hongkong and Singapore.


We can provide services or consultancy including but not limited to:

·       Finance Letters of Credit

·       Standby Letters of Credit

·       Overseas L/C Financing

·       Discount for L/C

·       Purchase Order Finance

·       Local purchasing and distribution

·       Overseas imports

·       Unsecured Lines of Credit (Special Situations ACH based); e-commerce companies high turnover, bridge funding, etc.


Due Diligence and Documents will be Requested!

I speak English and Chinese!

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