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2017-03-06 02:51 Reply
Phone Scam
PHONEWORLD IS A SCAM COMPANY , Do not deal with this company  they will take your money and you will have you believe that your shipment is on its way they even give you a tracking number that is false.

I have been dealing with this company since 1/24/17 and here it is 3/5/17 and no products.They are full of excuses.

So please stay way from this company
EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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1. 2017-04-19 11:17 in response to: PhoneWorld
Re : Phone Scam
Dear  Sir,  

Thank  you  for  your  message.

We  sent  warning  message  and  blocked  all  of  their  functions  in  their  EC21  homepage.  All  of  their  information  is  not  searched  either.  

And  we  also  maintain  a  blacklist  of  offenders  to  ensure  that  they  do  not  gain  admittance  to  EC21  at  a  later  date.

EC21  is  unable  to  mediate  in  disputes  between  companies  regarding  alleged  fraud.  In  such  cases,  our  policy  is  to  delete  the  suspected  party’s  offers  and  homepage  from  our  site.

We  regret  any  loss  caused  by  an  EC21  member.  (Please  be  vigilant  at  all  times  and  see  examples  of  fraud

Best  Regards
EC21  Customer  Support

(P.S  -  We  recommend  you  to  use  EC21  escrow  service  for  safer  transactions  
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