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2017-02-22 12:18 Reply
Eva Medical Ltd is a fraud company
Eva medical Ltd is a fraud company.

Eva Medical LTD is a registered company in New Zealand with registration number 2146245 and with a branch representatives/ warehouse in UK and Sweden.
Attactment is Their company certificate.

We heard about the company, Evamedicals Ltd, on ec21 on 01/23/2017. We then asked them about the price of their hyaluronic products and other related questions. In the replied email, in additional to the answers to our questions, they provided us with their company certificate.

After the negotiation of the price, they gave us two choices for the payment. And they guaranteed us 100% delivery after payment.We wanted it to be finished in multiple deliveries. Therefore, we asked them if we could pay 25% of the first delivery and the payment for the second delivery will come later.

They confirmed that they had received the money and gave us a invoice. They did not say anything about our plan. Instead, they just started to ask for the money. This seemed to us that they already agreed on the deal. Therefore, we sent the money to them.

After they got the memory, they started to disagree on the deal and asked for more money before they send out the products.We could not accept this, so, we asked them to refund the money. They promised to do the refund after the processes according to their refund policies.We followed up on therefund processes. This is when we start losing touch with them. They just disappeared and never ever respond to our emails.

P.S. I do have some screenshots of our emails as an evidence. However, I had trouble uploading them together with this report. If you want to have a look, just give me an email address so that I can send the screenshots to you.

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1. 2017-02-24 17:16 in response to: Fannnn
Re : Eva Medical Ltd is a fraud company
Dear  sir/madam,

  Shocked  opt  see  that  Ec  platform  is  used  to  lure  the  people  to  get  cheap  products.  We  shall  arrange  the  supply  from  other  sources  if  you  are  interested  than  E-mail


Sanjay  Kumar  

Mr Cuong
Mr Cuong
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2. 2017-03-10 12:04 in response to: Fannnn
Re : Eva Medical Ltd is a fraud company
Thank  you  for  your  information.
I  stopped  to  do  first  time  business  with  Eva  medical  when  i  read  you  notice.

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