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2017-01-17 21:11 Answer
In your site I post request to find selling company which will selling me mobile phones. Some dude from write to me and I think he is scammer. This is his original mail. We don't take PayPal for some inconvenience issue we have with PayPal few months ago . Where a fake buyer make fake payment through PayPal and that's how we loose thousands of dollars . Some buyers are fake who hack some other people Paypal account to purchase some items online and pay via paypal so when the genuine notice the fraud on his account , he will open a dispute to the payment and paypal will return the payment back to the genuine owner of the account and we will be the lost because the fake buyer will be nowhere to be found . So we very sorry we do not accept payment via paypal . We policies that we strictly follow . 


and next email: 
Oh i am sorry about your lost . You have always purchase from a TRADE OK or TRADE PRO member because those are the verified members only. I can use my son Paypal but it is a personal paypal . I close my own paypal after what happened to me and since then all my buyers pay via Moneygram or Bank transfer but seems like you want to do a long term business with me . Can you pay for my son Paypal account . It is an authorized account but you have to send it by family and friends because like i said it is for his personal use . I am doing this because i also want a long term business with you . After this first deal and you confirm we are genuine and you still want to order more . I can open another paypal account but there should not be a problem using another means to pay for us after the first deal . I hope you understand me . 

Patronize us today and we will serve you the best 

I will waiting to hear from you 

So I think he is scammer. What do you think.

Best regards
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