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glass trading exposition2017
glass trading exposition2017
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2017-01-14 16:28 Reply
The Fourth China·Shahe Glass Trading Exposition

The Fourth China·Shahe Glass Trading Exposition 2017

Time: From March 8 to 11, 2017

Location: Shahe International Convention and Exhibition Center


Sponsor: People 's Government of Shahe City

        Shahe City Bureau of Commerce          

        Shahe Economic Development Zone Management Committee


Organizer: Shahe ZeHui Exhibition Service Co., LTD

          The Glasscity•Glass Trading Platform


Co-Organizer:China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association

             China Association of Household Glass

             Association of Chinese Interior Decoration

             China Silk Screen Printing Industry Association

             Shahe International Chamber of Commerce

             Shahe City Art Decoration Glass Association



Exhibition period: Twice one year


The Fourth China Shahe Glass Trade Fair which is hosted by People's Government of Shahe City, Shahe City Bureau of Commerce, Shahe Economic Development Zone Management Committee and organized by Shahe City Zehui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., glass trading platform will be hold on 2017 March 8-11 at the Shahe International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shahe Government, the direction of industrial experts and senior academicians, this exhibition combining the online trading platform and central warehouse, online and offline producing, sales, logistics as a whole, distinguish providing the professional service to customer.

The exhibition based on the current market developing situation, focusing on exhibition trade interests of both parties, and pay more attention on the advertising.

First, in order to meets the exhibitors expanding channel demand, we will enhance the inviting power to the professional wholesale. Then, we will expand the national publicity building materials market located in 18 provinces and 60 cities to increase the social influence. Moreover, the large quantity of buyer and professional online marketing team will take by us as the full advantage of organizer, and inviting the excellent specialist and procurement team to attend the exhibition.

Based on the three ways mentioned in above, we will established the green platform and create the communication, corporation, innovation and development opportunity for internal and external glass industry enterprise.


Exhibition Scope

Architectural Glass, Decorative Glass, Art Glass:

Partition glass, Sand sculpture, Car-carved painting, Film mounting glass, Crystal glass, Glass Mosaic, Glass Mirror, Bathroom Glass, Crystal Jade Glass, Furniture Glass, Professional Functional Glass Manufacturer; Glass Machinery Manufacturer; Consumables, Construction and Decorative glass, Curtain Wall Glass, Reflective Glass, photovoltaic glass, Safety Glass, Anti-burglary Glazing and etc.


Glass deep-processing machinery abrasives and glass production line:

Cutting, Milling, Drilling, Carving sand, Acid pickling and other processing machinery; Tempering, Hot bending, Laminated, Reflective, Hollow, Printing and other production equipment related automatic control equipment;

Glass surface grinding and polishing equipment; Grinding tool, Cutting tool and other glass machining tools.


Raw materials, Refractory, Primary and Secondary materials:

High-grade refractory materials; Mineral raw materials and chemical raw materials, etc.

Grinding, Polishing, Acid corrosion, Frosting and activation on the surface of the glass materials; Glass-film, Polymer film, Resin, Sealing glue, Desiccant, Lubricant, Coolant, Silver Paste, Curtain wall structural adhesive, UV glue and adhesive, etc;

The metals and precious metals and metal products, etc.; Paint, stain and paint, etc.


Exhibition expenses

Standard booth: (specification) 3m * 3m = 9 square meters,  3,000 yuan for each

General booth: 300 yuan / m 2  (Minimum rental 36 square meters)

Hardcover booth: 500 yuan / m2

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