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2016-12-15 04:45 Reply
Business in China
seems that so many people are having issue to trust or make sure they are buying the right product from Chinese sourcing companies. 
maybe i will be able to help, 
lived and graduated and worked in China for 5 years;  have my office in Yiwu (Zhejiang Province) and we are working mainly in procurement and sourcing. i am currently living in New Jersey, USA. where my local Rep. is based at the same time.
So in case you need sourcing, shipping into the US, COC or Test Certificates; HS code etc....
kindly drop me a line and i will be more than happy to assist 
MU va Feyenoord Rooney but pha
MU va Feyenoord Rooney but pha
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1. 2017-01-04 17:41 in response to: Buddah79
Re : Business in China
wpc deck
wpc deck
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2. 2017-03-30 10:38 in response to: Buddah79
Re : Business in China

As a new type of composite environmental protection of new materials, plastic wood flooring is very market development potential, compared to the traditional flooring material, it can be more environmentally friendly and can also be with a variety of family size installation style Fit, and today we take a look at the plastic floor, please, what are the advantages of what.

Applicable to a wide range

It is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving composite materials, can now use a wide range, so be able to get a lot of consumer attention, in the garden construction, interior and exterior decoration, floor, fence and other places can be used, Plastic wood flooring is the wood and thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids made of mixed processing made.

Waterproof and moisture

Solid wood flooring is not a good waterproof, if a long time in the water soaking, the internal structure of wood materials will be affected, and such new composite materials do not have this problem, their waterproof and moisture-proof performance is more prominent, which is a lot of consumption One of the important reasons for choosing such a floor.

Pest control

Solid wood flooring because it is a natural material, it will be more or less by some moth or bitter bites shortcomings, so it also makes a lot of consumers buy solid wood flooring is very upset, because the solid wood material is more expensive, some moth Of the traces will destroy the aesthetics, but the plastic wood floor will not have this problem, they joined the composite material can be avoided after the bites bites, in addition to their life is relatively high.

Color style and diverse

Market demand will make more products appear, and plastic wood flooring is the case, it is no restrictions on the color, the market for consumers to choose the style and color is more and more, while the style also showed a diversified, able to With a variety of decoration occasions fit to meet the needs of individuality. For many consumers, solid wood flooring is good, but also more monotonous, for a new plastic floor is also a very good idea.

Compared to the whole solid wood floor, plastic wood flooring gathered plastic and solid wood material of the various advantages, it is more safe and environmentally friendly, but also to reduce the solid wood material contained in the formaldehyde content, so the health of the human body more secure, And then compared to the traditional floor, the plastic floor of the more cost-effective, but in the overall process is not inferior to solid wood flooring.

I believe that after this time of the introduction, we have a better understanding of the plastic floor, the composite decking manufacturers will provide us a new chance to save our planet.
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