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contrast iPhone 7 Plus
contrast iPhone 7 Plus
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2016-11-07 10:47 Reply
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge contrast Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Galaxy S7 edge contrast iPhone 7 Plus : six months difference is still divided equally

Almost every year in September, consumers in mind the true flagship mobile phone war with the advent of a new generation of iPhone and kicked off. Recently, Apple officially released iPhone 7, in appearance and performance only a small upgrade, but look at the brand’s flagship phone, really have the strength to compete with it, the current may only Samsung S7 / S7 edge and the recently released Note 7 .

三星S7 edge对比iPhone 7 Plus:半年之差依然平分秋色

Since the iPhone 6 began, Apple seems to be able to come up with too many compelling innovative features, after the release of the iPhone 6s, weak sales, market share, even Cooke ran several times in China can not change the headache Market conditions. Samsung Galaxy S series flagship, despite the introduction of the beginning of the S7 / S7 edge, in terms of configuration, appearance or reputation, to the present still has a good market response. And from the mainstream consumer demand, S7 edge positioning more fashionable and dynamic, able to freely cope with the impact of iPhone 7.

If the Samsung S7 edge compared with the iPhone 7 Plus, the most critical is the design differences. The latest release of the iPhone 7 Plus in appearance still continues the sleek iPhone 6 design language, the obvious change is the signal processing is not so “conspicuous.” Jet Black and matte black added, especially bright black, the aluminum alloy treated like a black jade, metal with a glass texture, is indeed worth playing. But the defect is also a headache: easy to scratch and contaminated fingerprints after the shell, need to protect the film with a shell, a kind of loss outweigh the feeling.

With the iPhone 7 to play out the glass texture of the metal different, Samsung S7 edge with the double-curved glass with four different colors, so that the machine has a warm touch at the same time, more with metallic luster, it shines. And the iPhone long immutable long chin forehead chin, S7 edge to ensure that the feel and operability at the same time, the proportion of screen to do the ultimate, with the surface to 76.12%, the appearance of a more scientific sense. Most importantly, if the same 5.5-inch screen, S7 edge in the hand than the iPhone 7 Plus appears to be a lot smaller, you can easily single-handedly.

iPhone 7 IP67 level with the waterproof and dustproof, although finally waterproof, but still did not reach the highest level of protection. Samsung is in the beginning of the S7 edge generation IP68 protection, I believe many people have seen some S7 edge Guards waterproof test, it was forced to take.

Screen, Samsung’s manufacturing process and technology industry, the first no doubt. The S7 edge is equipped with a Super AMOLED surface screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is superb in both fineness and color. iPhone 7 Plus is also the brightness and saturation of the screen has improved, but two years without changing the 1920×1080 resolution in the mainstream 2K screen flagship machine is still a bit unreasonable, I am afraid to meet consumer demand more and more critical of the use.

On the hardware, Android and iOS, after all, are two very different systems, depending on the hardware will be quite different, the experience is the criteria for screening pros and cons. iPhone 7 is equipped with the new A10 processor, quad-core, two of which high-performance core than the A9 processor upgrade 40%, iPhone 7 Plus built-in 3GB of memory. Relatively speaking, iPhone 7 of the upgrade for some old Apple users (iPhone6 ​​prior version) have a greater appeal, but for the usual price of the Android flagship machine users, in fact, superficial, Android experience in the use of 5.0 with the hardware upgrade can be evenly divided with iOS even better. Samsung S7 edge Although the beginning of the year, but equipped with a Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 quad-core processor, 4GB RAM is still the current flagship configuration. And update the system, the use of experience further. In addition, the Samsung S7 edge support fast charge, wireless fast charge, battery capacity has reached 3600mAh. Even the iPhone7 can control the battery life is good, but in the case of removing the 3.5mm interface, not taking into account the importance of fast charging, fear will bring some small trouble to the user.

Of course, iPhone performance in recent years, there are a little important reason for weakness: camera flagship camp by the Android catch up. Whether it is domestic models or international big, nearly two years of flagship machine in the camera on the attainments of higher and higher. Although the iPhone 6s on the camera for a substantial upgrade, but the same year the Samsung S6 and Note 5 in terms of camera quality far more than iPhone 6s. Apple this year, the first time on the iPhone 7 Plus using bionics dual 12 million lens, support 2x optical zoom and similar to the SLR camera background blur. Or a thorough point is that the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens is now able to do is still able to guarantee the image quality zoom and more beautiful blur effect. In fact, these features have long been equipped with the Android model, and even high-end models will be based on hardware and software algorithms directly to achieve this effect. Samsung S7 edge mounted on the 12 million pixel lens, aperture to F / 1.7, far beyond the quality of the imaging iPhone 6s Plus. If compared with the iPhone 7 Plus, to show a slight gap may only focus on the scene after the magnification of the quality of the normal shooting conditions, who wins the negative still need further evaluation.

From the iPhone 7 release this year, the upgrade seems to be Apple in a self-innovation, a number of innovative changes indeed worthy of the moment all the flagship mobile phone opponent. In the first half, Samsung has won the market by virtue of S7 edge. So far, the Samsung S7 edge still has a higher level with the iPhone 7 Plus. And from the cost-side considerations, the listing of six months of the S7 edge price has stabilized to a more appropriate price to get not lose iPhone 7 plus experience, this is a wise move.

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