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2016-11-03 20:21 Reply
Beware of Fake 'Inquiry Arrival Notice'
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Dear Valued EC21 Member,

Thank you for using EC21's services.

Please be aware that spammers have been sending a fake "Inquiry Arrival Notice" to EC21 members.
The fake notice closely resembles a genuine EC21 notice. However, the link in the fake notice leads to a phishing page. The purpose of the phishing page is to obtain your password and gain access to your Inbox.
Please note below the differences between a genuine Inquiry Arrival Notice from EC21 and the fake notice.

'Genuine Inquiry Arrival Notice Sample'

'Fake Inquiry Arrival Notice Sample'

If you already entered your password in the phishing site: Please use the following link to change change your password immediately "MyEC21 > Basic Service > Change Password"

'Sample of phishing page – look at the page address!'

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