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2016-11-03 00:33 Answer
Hi, Recently I brought a product from Indonesia (Internal Nasal Splint), for 4000 USD cost, the company name is Kasto in Jakarta and the representative is M. Haekelthis company contacted me through you and once paid for the product but never answered me mail, never sent me the product, ie, I cheated, I would like to know I can do about it, or at least get him out of the EC21 community not to return to conning anyone else.
Thank you.
Rafael Cabrera
Yan Chan
Yan Chan
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1. 2016-11-15 15:45 in response to: Rinosalud
Re : Fraud
Oh.  It's  very  sorry  to  hear  that.  What  products  are  you  looking  for?
EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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2. 2016-11-23 10:32 in response to: Rinosalud
Re : Fraud
Dear  Rinosalud,  

Thank  you  for  your  report.  

If  you  send  us  the  proof  file  and  the  suspected  frauder's  contact  information  to  this  page,  
we  will  contact  them  and  remove  or  block  their  website  unless  they  settle  the  problem.

We  need  proof  file  to  contact  them  and  block  their  account..

Thank  you  again  for  your  cooperation.  

Best  Regards  
EC21  Moderator    
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