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2016-09-10 13:04 Reply
sourcing challenge for made to measure products
Whatever sourcing and sales guys both like large quantity order, since most of them think it is much easier than small order dealing with. 

But right now small order and made to measure sourcing will be challenged for global sourcing activity.
          1. For suppliers it will increase extra cost for single products. since one product they have a same process.
          2. For client, they also have increased transportation and operation cost. 

How to deal with? More frequent business travel is not working on that and should be high pressure for operation cost. The real door to door service and additional further service will be coming. 

As suppliers we need to improve our service quality and promote our product real value, not only focus on the low price competitive. 

As clients you have shared more information and done a long term strategy with your supplier as partner development together. 
Afeson farmers
Afeson farmers
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1. 2016-09-13 20:00 in response to: williamwang
Re : sourcing challenge for made to measure products
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