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2016-08-18 00:44 Answer
Does anyone work with Zhinkarts Gmbh?

I am trying to deal with Zhinkarts Gmbh (Henning vestergaard sales manager), but I have worries about the way of payment.  I propose to do a bank transfer with all company details (address, bank account, name and etc.) However they ask to pay through WU or Money Gram, cause the order amount is less than the minimum order. Saying that it's company's financial policy, and they are not allowed to get the payment less than 1000 euros. 

Anyone dealt with them? Any suggestions?
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1. 2016-08-18 14:35 in response to: AzerOthmane
Re : Does anyone work with Zhinkarts Gmbh?
Hey  i  will  say  your  just  so  lucky  because  had  it  been  you  sent  already,  you  would  have  lost  the  money  without  receiving  your  order  .    A  couple  of  months  ago  ,  i  placed  an  order  from  them  on  a  sample  order  of  Black  Pepper  ,  after  i  sent  them  the  money  through  western  union  the  story  changed  and  finally  i  did  not  receive  my  order,  they  kept  on  asking  for  more  money  I  was  finally  directed  a  another  supplier  in  Hungary  Mr  Levi  Ferenc  who  helped  me  .    So  don,t  Send  any  money      
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