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2016-08-11 16:49 Reply
You think Paypal is safe?
You think paypal is safe? Not really. Here's why. Let say you buy a sample Iphonr unit from an unsuspected scammer. They accept paypal and you let your guard down because you feel somewhat protected. So you send them the 200 or so dollars using paypal and they send you your box. You are happily anticipating that you finally may have found a legit Iphone seller with fantastic prices. You open up the flaps, look inside...AND IT IS A DARN SWEATER AND A COUPLE PAIR OF SOCKS, My oh My you are pissed. So you desperately try to reach them..for answer. You get on here and write in big and so company scammed go to paypal...blah blah blah...but guess what you are going to have to prove they didn't send you the item. If you didnt film getting off the delivery truck, bringing it in your house and filming it while you were opening it from the beginning. You are SOL. That is why we give you are complete company business docs for the bank to bank transfer. And we give you a legit address where we store our Iphones and Samsung in a warehouse. PAYPAL is not as safe as one believes. Good ole fashion face to face, hand shake to hand shake is still the premium way to do business.


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