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2016-08-05 17:19 Reply
Regading HMS 1 & 2 and Used rail R65/50
We are trading company selling HMS 1&2 and used rails, we currently have the listed material available to supply to buyer's based on request.

- 30,000MT x 12 used rails

- 30.000MT x 12 HMS 1&2

- Price US$120.FOB      $220CIF

Payment Terms: SBLC, OR BG

Yard visit: Allowed only after contract is signed

If you are ready to close this contract, please send us your detailed quote, then

If workable we discuss further.

Best Regards

Frank Mthuli(Engnr)

Telephone: +27-733-876-859     

Skype: Systemscrap1000

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1. 2017-08-10 00:51 in response to: Famadisteel
Re : Regading HMS 1 & 2 and Used rail R65/50
hello  dear
About  HMS  1,2  and  Used  Rials,  please  contact  us
Skype  ID:  tavanbusiness
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2. 2017-08-10 09:43 in response to: Hmaid
Used rail R50 R65
                                      FULL CORPORATE OFFER

                                USED RAILS R50 R65 ISRI CODE 200 - 202

We, Speed Group Export International, hereby state and represent that it is our intention to supply, and we hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to supply the following commodity as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions as stated below
                                SPOT ORDER NOT ALLOWED

QUANTITY MONTHLY MAX: 30,000 MT X 12 Months - One Year Contract
SHIPMENTS:                30,000 Metric Tones Per Month
FIRST SHIPMENTS:         45/60 Days after Credit Instrument / Confirmed
FOLLOWING SHIPMENT:    Every 30 Days after the First
ORIGIN:                     NIGERIA
SPECIFICATION:           R50 (51.67kg/m-GOST-7173-75) free size length
                             R65 (64.72kg/m-GOST-8165-75) free size length
                             Incoterm 2000.Rails shall conform to ISRI CODE
                              CODE R50-R65. No radioactive, radiation free.
COMPOSITION              C - 0.54 - 0.82%     Mn-0.60 - 1.05%     Si- 0.18 - 0.40%
                              S - Not more than 0.04%      P - Not more than 0.035%
LENGTH:                    12.5 METERS (To be cut to 1.5M buyer require sizes)
LENGTH OF COMMODITY:  0.5m,1m,1.5m, 6m and 6,25 m
WIGHT:                      437.5 KG
WIDTH:                      5.5 INCHES
PORT OF LOADING:          XXXXXX Lagos in Nigeria
INSPECTION:      Quantity, Quality & Weight by SGS/CCIC Certified Agencies at the loading port On Seller expenses
PAYMENT TERMS:            Letter of Credit 
DESTINATION PORT:         Buyer Choice
PARTIAL SHIPMENT:         Not Allowed
TRANSSHIPMENT:           Not Allowed

PRODUCT INSURANCE:     In accordance with ICC rules and terms and conditions of this contract, insurance is for
the seller's account and seller's sole responsibility. Seller shall take out a marine insurance policy, for not less than 110% of the CIF invoice value,covering marine and war risks, with a reputable international insurance company. The seller shall provide insurance for the Buyer at his sole expense and responsibility of 110% for each shipment.
PRICE:                     USD$205 PER/MT

PACKAGING:                Break bulk shipment/Bundle

PACKING:                  Packing: The commodity shall cut to specification as Clause 1.7 and must be packed
in bundles of approximated weight 05 (Five) MT per bundle properly Dunn-aged and strapped together in comparable length with iron wire providing allowances for mechanical lifting easy to load and unload.

Bundle in 5 Tons Each and ship in Bulk
Separate R50 from R65 packed and shipped by bulk carrier. Comprising at least 50% of R65 as per every shipment.

PRODUCT WEIGHT,QUANTITY AND QUALITY: The seller guarantees that each shipment of USED RAILS R50-R65
Shall be provided with an inspection certificate of weight/quantity and quality at time of loading and such certificate
shall be provided as follows:
Inspection of the product shall be carried out by a recognized Independent International Survey Company issued
by Society General de Surveillance (Hereinafter referred to as "SGS") at port of loading at seller's expense.

The Independent International Survey Company "SGS" shall issue an inspection certificate of quality and quantity
to certify that the goods are in good order and condition and conform to the specifications herein stated Clause 1,
the quantity must be enough to assure to delivery for this contract.

The buyer or his representative may inspect the goods and witness the cargo at the loading port at his own cost and should not have any authorization in negotiation of the said documents. So, the seller has to inform the buyer at least
7 days prior to start each shipment loading for buyer's representative to make travel arrangement.

DEMURRAGE: At the loading port shall be on seller's account, if caused by seller.
              At the discharging port shall be on buyer's account, if caused by buyer.

IMPORT FACILITIES: All taxes or levies imposed by the country of destination having any effect on this contract are
on the buyer's account and his sole responsibility.

Buyer must have all import permissions and permits in writing. Buyer bears the sole responsibility of securing all permits, licensees or any other documents required by the government of the importing nation. Seller will bear no responsibility to provide such documentation. Buyer will bear all costs associated with securing such documents and will also bear all costs and penalties if such documents are not secured. In no case shall the seller be held liable for missing or improper documentation the buyer is required to provide. Shipping based on Incoterms 2000.

: Commercial Invoice, Bill Of Lading, Certificate Of Origin, Packing List, Certificate Of Quality,Certificate Of Quantity, Insurance Certificate, Notice Of Readiness, Certificate Stating Age,
Non-Radioactive Certificate, ISM highest class registration certificate of carrying vessel in validity.

PROOF OF PRODUCTS - POP: Full Proof of Product (POP) must be provided by the Seller within 05 to 10 (Five to Ten) working days after receiving the Operative financial instrument Confirmed to seller's bank. The seller shall then issue to buyer verifiable proof of products (POP) via Bank to Bank or Seller to Buyer.

POP requires the following documents consisting of 01 (One)original and 03 (Three) non-negotiable copies and it must be issued for the Buyer's Bank by the Seller's Bank.

Certificate of Quality, Quantity issued by the nominated Independent International Inspection Company - SGS stock name of the Seller include POP

Authorized Export Permit shall be issued and notarized by the Government Authorities in the name of the Seller.

Payment terms: Payment terms: Form of Credit Irrevocable, Non-Transferable DLC, BG, SBLC or POF (MT799) for 100% value of a monthly shipment against the required payment documentation as Clause 12 at the destination port of buyer. The Non Operative IDLC,SBLC, BG or POF shall be issued from the Buyer’s Bank within 05 (Five) working days upon the date of signed contract. A Non Operative IDLC, SBLC, BG or POF will come first before the PB is given. Seller will not issue a PB before Non Operative IDLC,SBLC, BG or POF is received from Buyer. A Non Operatives IDLC, SBLC, BG or POF must be received first before 2%PB for the IDLC, SBLC, BG or POF will be issued for the Final Operative IDLC, SBLC, BG or POF (MT799) block funds for 90days.

The Seller shall send Required Payment Documents for the Consignment to the Buyer by renowned Courier Service, originating from the Seller's offices within 03 (Three) banking days from the date of receiving Bill of Lading.

The payment will be made within 14 (Fourteen) banking days upon presenting full required payment documentation as Clause 12 and completing unloading goods at the destination port of buyer.

All Bank charges related to the issuance of (DLC, SBLC, BG, and POF –MT799) are for the Buyer's Account. Bank charges related to the re-negotiation of either Document are for the respective Beneficiary's accounts.

If the goods are not of the required weight, the Buyer shall deduct the short/overweight exceeds +/- 0.5% (a half percent) for the amount excluding the franchise on the basis of contracted price directly from the DLC, BG, SBLC, and POF-MT799 value upon payment.
If the goods are not of the required quality, the Buyer has the right to reject the shipment and cancel DLC, SBLC/BG.

i. Buyer sends ICPO to Seller. Seller sends FCO to Buyer to confirm for the order.
ii. Seller sends a draft contract to Buyer (with amendments if any). Upon acceptance of the contract, Buyer signs and seals the contract and returns (contract in PDF format) via email to Seller.
iii. Seller’s bank sends Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer’s bank within 5 (Five) working days upon receipt of Operative Irrevocable, Non-Transferable, Payable 100% at sight Documentary Letter of Credit, BG, SBLC or POF (MT799) for 100% value of a monthly shipment from the Buyer’s bank.

iv. Upon the receipt of the IDLC, BG, SBLC or POF(MT799) from Buyer’s bank, the Seller’s bank will swift the operative 2% Performance Bond (PB) for the value of a monthly shipment to Buyer’s bank.

v. Seller sends 4 (Four) signed and sealed Hard Copies of Contract to Buyer by courier. Buyer signs and seals all 4    (Four) hard copies and mail 2 (Two) of the two signed hard copies back to Seller.

vi. Delivery commences as per Contract and the first shipment should arrive at Buyer’s discharge port within 30-40 (Thirty to Forty) days after positive Verification, Authentication and Validation of the IDLC, BG, SBLC or POF (MT799) by Seller’s bank.

vii. All banking charges from the Buyer’s bank shall be borne by the Buyer and all banking charges incurred at Seller’s bank shall be borne by the Seller.

iii. Should any amendments to the Payment Bank Instrument be requested once the same had been issued, then the party requesting the change will be responsible for the payment of the related costs, unless changes are needed to construct the instruments in compliance with the Contract, then the costs shall be borne by the faulting party.

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