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2016-07-29 06:32 Reply
Scam report
This company is clearly fake, there is not a single mention of it in the whole web apart from ec21 and looking at their stock and price... they shouldn't be unknown.
Their headquarters address is a hotel near to failure, the contact name seem a typo error 

Another guy replyed my inquiry and when asked he said that the hotel host their CEO.

I asked them the address of their main warehouse and he gave me an address of a commercial building who was still for sale until 2013 (according to google.maps).

This guy write in a very unprofessional manner, almost in a servile way and will change prices upon your needs. 
His english is shittyer than mine and he should be a mother language speaker (his nick is Mr. Larry Smith) not a gross italian like me. 
He wrote "whare house" replying my question.

He told me that if i had more doubts i could contact their partner agency in Ukraine
The name his on the same style of (not a good name for a serious company) and he is mentioned just on ec21 too.
But the most laughable thing is that he registered just the day after Giantdrugs (just 1 month ago).

I asked him any sign of the physical existence of his company and he said "you need to Trust me or we can't deal".

Beware both this companies.

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