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2016-05-21 11:20 Reply
Face mask workshop is rebuilding!
We are a professional China manufacturer of disposable non-woven face masks. Due to the situation like that, sales quantities of the product face mask made by our factory have a substantial increase. At the same time, concerned people’s demands of face masks will be more because of the increasingly serious air pollution in the future, our company decided to rebuild our face mask workshop. And then, we can provide our customers with more high quality face mask. We will expand the area of workshop, increase quantities of the machine, recruit more workers and so on. Since we have talked about our workshop of face mask, let’s take a knowledge of masks. Usually, we divided it into face mask with ear-loop, face mask with ties, active carbon face mask, dust mask, N95 mask, active carbon FFP mask, etc. Each kind can both be breathable and anti dust but also have some difference with each other. If you need, please do not hesitate to contact with us- “RHYCOM NON-WOVEN PRODUCTS CO.,LTD”. Welcome! 
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