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2016-05-12 13:51 Reply
Notice for deceptive
Dear all member !
We are from Tung Lam company - Vietnam.
Through EC21, I find Dadang K company, and have cooperation with they.
But, they are deceptive company.
When I want to order product from they, they make PI, send bank account.
They sent to me tracking number: 5644408091 shipped by:
But, when I check it, it is wrong website for shipping, they make it for deceptive.
When you click on Shipment - Tracking --> We ship world wide: you can do everything for tracking number and information.

After they received our payment, they don't shipping product for our, they said, they shipping for me first, then I make payment for you. But, our received tracking number, our made payment for him.

I asked they for refunds, I still wait 2 days, but they still don't do it, I ask police Indonesia, but they said that don't find this company address, they will try to get him: Moch Iqbal.

Carefully for Dadang K company, the company that is false, deceptive.

This is information:
  • - Address Jln.Rangkas Kujang No.400 Bandung, Jawa Barat
  • - City Jawa Barat
  • - Country/Region Indonesia
  • - Phone 62 - 779 - 594378
  • - Fax -
  • - Website -
  • - Contact Moch Iqbal
If I have information about him, pls tell me or contact with Police Indonesia.

Thanks for all

Cynthia Chemist
Cynthia Chemist
United States
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1. 2016-05-19 16:56 in response to: Dunglt
Re : Notice for deceptive
what  really  did  you  buy  from  them?  Can  you  send  me  your  skype  ID  so  that  we  can  chat  and  i  help  you  out  ?
EC21 Administrator
EC21 Administrator
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2. 2016-06-08 17:10 in response to: Dunglt
Re : Notice for deceptive
Thank  you.  

This  company  is  deleted  from  
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