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2016-05-05 16:08 Reply
Excelsior 183FRGB outdoor professional wash light

Outdoor Professional Wash light 
1.Well accommodate to stage use, with strobe, fade, color scroll, edit color and programming 
2.Touch LED display, no easy broken buttons, 2minutes no operation no display 
3.LED Display board shows DMX signal, offer Dimming curve squarelaw Dim4 
4.18 PCS LED in one line, one side frosted for better light distribution, 65*19 degree optional. 
5.2610Lumens Output, hight effieciency light output 90% Lumens within 10% Intensity field angle. 
6.Good color mixing, SDC<0.005,wash wall with no sawtooth. 
7.Field Angle standard 30°,could choose other angle, and also frosted piece and third optical piece. 
8.With waterproof air valve to balance pressure,get rid of mosuisture on glass innerface. 

Voltage inputStandard DC24V, comprehensive 21.6-25.2V 
Rated power54W(48.2W@24V Full on)
Luminaire Efficiency>35.6lm/W with high brightness Green Color
Light source18pcs*3W 3-in-1 RGB LED, 350mA driving total 2610 Lumens output
LED ColorR=625nm,G=525nm,B=460nm,offer multi-Color mixing,SDC<0.005
Field Angle(10%)standard 30 °(21438Cd on axis)、8°、15°、45°、61*19°、75*10°Etc optional
Control signalDMX512, 3C*0.5mm2 shield cable input and output with daisychain
Chanel option3/4/5/8CH Etc all inside menu
DisplayTouch operation, LED display show DMX situation and aotu turn off when no operation
Dimming Curve16 bit squarelaw diming, PWM>1500Hz, fliker free
Housing materialExtrusion  6063,anodized Matte silver, customized other color and could chose signle side barndoor
Cooling MethodNatural Heasink, Thermal protection:NTC overheat protection
SaftyClass III, 2C*0.75mm2 VDE cable, Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP66
Operate temperature-20~+45℃,Light board peak temperature 60℃
CerficatedProduct pass CE, Rohs Etc
Weight2.5 KG,with 2mm thick double bracket


More about us : led stage lighting , wall washer


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