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2016-02-11 18:23 Reply
Millions of dollars has been lost due to fraud targeting foreign businesses who want to do business in Cameroon. These fraudulent schemes come in the form of elaborate fraudulent invoices/purchase order on corporate letterheads, fake e-commerce accounts. Frauds possess the risk of both financial loss and personal danger to their victims.

For many years, Cameroon has failed to leverage technology to tackle this problem which is damaging the country business potential and image. The success of these fraudulent activities especially has been primarily due the lack of a reliable & credible means to verify and authenticate information given by a potential business partners in Cameroon. Verifying a potential business partner is normally a very important first step to take when considering starting a commercial relationship. However, to verify a Cameroon MSMEs is not an easy task and can take days, if not weeks with associated cost and trading without verification can be very risky.

Samason recently launched SMESPRO (, an online platform to fill this gap, restore market trust, drive growth of Cameroon MSMEs and save foreign businesses millions of dollars. SMESPRO is leveraging information technology to help Cameroon SMEs to improve their credit worthiness, operational efficiency, visibility and established themselves as trusted trading partners. At the same time, foreign businesses can now verify and authenticate the identity of a potential business partner in Cameroon before commencing any commercial relationship.

SMESPRO database contain the data of all registered companies in Cameroon, making it possible for foreign businesses to be able to validate any information received and take confident decision on whether or not to trade. SMESPRO has the potential to restore trust doing business with Cameroon, help the development and growth of Cameroon MSMEs and the Cameroon economy as a whole.

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