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Choose a vintage wedding veil
Not only are vintage wedding materials beautiful, but they are considered good luck for the Bride. The addition of a beautiful vintage wedding headpiece or vintage veil, vintage opera length gloves… or an antique beaded bag can dramatically change a plain dress into a stunning wedding statement. With just a little searching, the proper vintage wedding accessories can be found! A vintage wedding veil is supposed to bring good luck to the bride and a borrowed wedding veil even more so…

Your gown’s style and shade of color will narrow your choices to some extent, but don’t let the style of your dress impose restrictions. It’s your wedding and you should wear whatever you want. The majority of people won’t notice if you choose to wear a cloche from the 1920’s with a gown from the 1970’s. Mix and Match and make it your own statement.

Although fashion historians will applaud you for getting it right, it’s none of their business if you choose to forego historical correctness and borrow from all eras. The fashion police are not going to arrest you at your wedding. That would be rude.

Anything goes, it’s your “look.” Just remember that matching shades between an antique veil and an antique gown can be difficult as the variations of ivory are endless. The key is to consider what appeals to you, and then find a veil/headpiece that compliments your gown in a shade as close to or slightly lighter than your gown’s color. Always choose your dress first. You can then refer to the color of your gown and consider the style and color of your veil and other accessories.

Although it is important to note that changes occurred during the Victorian era until the Edwardian, most antique or vintage veils that we’ll be offering you are from the 1920’s through the 1970’s.The fragile nature of silk tulle makes it difficult to collect these treasures earlier than the 20th century. Headpieces will remain, but the veil must be re-created from new materials. Perhaps a brief overview of styles will help make it possible for you to go out and create your own reproduction.

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