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2015-11-03 21:05 Reply
Three Reasons You Should Choose the Lace up Gowns for Your Wedding
Zippers and buttons have for a long time been the staple for wedding dresses. However, they are facing some stiff competition from the latest entry into the field; the lace-up. The corset is nothing new. It has been around for centuries although its use was mainly limited to formal wear.

It’s more classic.
As mentioned, the lace up back has been around for quite some time. If history is anything to go by, then this style shows no signs of slowing down. It preceded our grandmothers and will most likely outlive our great great grandchildren. Just like wine, it gets better with the passage of time. It’s the perfect way to incorporate some vintage appeal without the risk of looking tacky. It helps that corsets are ultra feminine and romantic.

It forms a stunning silhouette
Unlike buttons and zippers, the corset helps to smoothen out any problem areas for a fine and very flattering finish. It cinches in the waist for a curvy look that gets rid of stubborn spots and securely holds everything in place. The boning in the corset ensures that the bride is left with some serious definition once the ensemble has been properly fitted in. The buxom or apple shaped woman will feel comfortable in such an outfit.Regardless of her built, a bride can be sure that the lace up gown will give her a definite hourglass.

It works for any body size
One of the usual problems that plague most women is the prospects of gaining or losing a couple of pounds before their big day. This is a serious issue as most fittings are done well in advance. With the zipper or buttons, such a scenario can only be remedied by some tailoring. This is a non-issue with the flexible corset, as all that needs to be done is readjusting the tightness of the closure. This makes it the best option for an expectant bride. Even better, it can be loosened up during the reception so that overeating is not a worry.
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