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2015-12-15 17:47 Reply
How to Set Background Banner and Skin on Storefront! (Premium Members Only)

What is Background Banner?

It is a big banner displayed as background image of your storefront instead of Title Area image. 

How to: 

1. Go to My EC21 > Premium Service > Customize Storefront > Design Control > Company Title > Background Banner 

2. You will see 2 sample banners in the setting; If you want to register your own banner(s), please follow the

below steps: 

1) Change "normal mode" to "background banner" mode.

2. In the Design Control widget, delete the slide 01 and 02 images to upload your own images.

3. Click "Image Upload" to browse the images you want to use as background image.
   (*You can upload up to 5 images, and all images must have the same size (width x height)

4. Enter "Title, Description, Button Link" after uploading images.

5. After completing above all, click "Apply" and you will see the banners applied accordingly on your storefront. 

Set Background Banner Now! 

* Feeling lazy? 
Just click the “Select Skin” button on top of the page; you will see all skin previews, so can you can immediately pick the one that perfectly matches your content.

Click here to Select Skin

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