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2015-12-15 17:49 Reply
How to Set Rolling Banners on Storefront!

Set customized Rolling Banners on your Store Front. It will help you appeal your company and products effectively. 

How to:

1. Set banner status as “On”.

2. You will see the 3 sample banners in a default setting.

3. To use your own customized banner(s), delete the displayed image by clicking X on the right-top side.

4. Upload the image you want to advertise in the blank slide, and put its URL in the hyper link box. The posted banner will be hyperlinked to your designated webpage.

5. Click 'Save'to apply in your Storefront.

Set Rolling Banner Now!(Login Required)

* Are you a premium member? 
  In order to set Rolling Banners, please visit
MyEC21 > Premium Services > Customize Storefront.

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1. 2016-06-22 20:37 in response to: EC21 Administrator
Re : How to Set Rolling Banners on Storefront!
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