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Jewelry Exhibition Shenzhen
Jewelry Exhibition Shenzhen
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2015-09-02 11:50 Reply
Chengyixin Technology Co. Ltd.'s Jewelry Exhibition
Shenzhen Chengyixin Technology Co. Ltd. is going to take part in the Jewelry Exhibition Shenzhen, China, during 10th Sep. to 14th Sep. 2015.
Shenzhen Chengyixin Technology Co.Ltd, has took part a lot of Exhibitions after she established in 2001 and have made a great progress every time. 
We are specialist in precious metal precision casting equipment such as 3D rapid prototyping, digital wax-injection,metal melting and automatic pouring etc.And we have our own brand, is "Blue Eagle" and "Cophoda".
This time, we would  bring a lot of new machine to the Jewelry Exhibition, most of them are the first public appearance,and we believe, we would give you a big surprise in the fild of the Jewelry Exhibition,Shenzhen!!
You are welcome,if you come, we are sure you won't disappointed. 
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