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2015-06-20 17:11 Reply
Do you know how to charge your apple watch ?
Apple watch is very popular now in the world . Do you know how is it working when charging ?
If you see a screen on your iwatch with a red lightning bolt iwatch low battery power, it means that battery power is low.
Learn how to use your iWatch and accessories safely, and always take off your device before charging it. To charge your iwatch:
1,Plug the included Magnetic Charging Cable into the included adapter, and plug the adapter into a power outlet. You can also plug the charge cable into a USB port. If you use a computer’s USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, make sure the computer is on and not in sleep mode. Plug into the computer body instead of an external keyboard.

2,Position the back of iwatch on the top of the charger. The magnets on the charger align iwatch properly, and you’ll hear a chime and see a charging symbol on the watch face. If you have an Apple Watch Edition, you can also set your device in its Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case with the lid open. You’ll feel the magnet in the charger pull the underside of your device into place.
3,Look for a green lightning bolt on your Apple Watch display Apple Watch charging symbol, which means that your device is charging. Give your device time to charge. If you’re charging an Apple Watch that ran out of battery power completely, it could be a few minutes before the green lightning bolt appears. If the charging screen disappears, you can bring it back by pressing the side button.
It is an Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable like below picture . But Original Cable very expensive. Hoco Brand charging cable with high quality but price is lower which is a best choices for you .
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