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2015-06-19 17:26 Reply
Our Team Birthday Party !!!
Dinner Party and Birthday celebration are important culture in the company. As we all far from hometown. We stay in the company like a big family. We take care together and grown up together. We also need to know each other better and make better communication.

Every month all staff get together have dinner, we chat and share anything interesting :)

All of us come from different provinc . We have different taste for food. But we take turns to suggest nice restaurant .Everyone get a chance to choose their favorite food , we will follow it to try the delicious food.

There are 3 staffs' birthday on June. We celebrate for them in our company with birthday cake. They looks happy and make wishes before blow out the candles. Wish them all the best.

Our company prepare  Red envelope for Pauline, Erica and Wei. Birthday gift offer to everyone as well . Tempered glass screen protector for Pauline, as we know she bought a new iPhone6 recently . iPad tablet cover for Erica, she wants to change a more convenient case for her pad . Car phone holder for Wei, because he always drive , car holder is more convenient to pick up the phone when driving. 

We have a nice dinner party together after work last night . Special chinese food and happiness moment always with us . Wish all of us have a great time all the time together.

This is a great team of tempered glass screen protector manufacturer and custom tablet case manufacturer, They always offer high quality product to global market. 

Why Choose us :
1,We do quick delivery and Quick response to customer
2,We do 100% inspection before shipment
3,We do new product recommondation always early than others
4,We can reach us on mobile 24hours. We will Never miss your call .
5,We offer high quality product picture, you do online business will be more easy

Please dont heistate to contact a great team to make your business greater.

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