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2015-06-10 14:16 Reply
2015 Visit our customer in Thailand while i am in traveling !
Thailand is special country when you go there many times you still want to go. There are kind people, nice view and delicious food. When you go traveling for a short time there you can not know more about there interesting culture. Thats why thailand is very attractive for many people. 

I traveling alone to thailand in May 2015 that is my first time to be alone in thailand.  Thanks to our company offer me a selfie stick before i leave , i dont need to always ask people to take picture for me when i see every beautiful place . Selfie stick is a wonderful for traveling alone. 

I plan to go to Chiengmai and Pai, Then go to Samui. Direct flight from Hongkong to Chiengmai , firstly visit my english teather Russ there, he take me to go thai Massage which is very famous in city . 

In the evening we visit our thailand customer Ninn, his main business is for second hand car selling. second business is for mobile accessories selling . We work together for more than 2 years , we are good friends now. He take us to the original thailand Restaurant, we have dinner and chat together until very late :) Its nice to meet friend in other country , feels more comfortable and warmly .

The second day i visit Phalaenopsis garden alone , all the plants are frondent in thailand especially in the garden. I can not wait to take some pictures with those beautiful flowers, selfie stick works again, it attract many people to come with me , they ask what's this ? I introduce iti to them and tell them we are selfie stick wholesale from china. I come to thailand visit our customer. 

As a good sales  people always introduce nice product to anyone. I can see there are less many people use selfie stick in traveling. It will be good to sell  in traveling city . 

When you come to ChiengMai you have to watch Elephant Show. Because the Most smart elephants are from Chiengmai. They can do painting and play football. I watched it . Its amazing show for me . 

The other day i come to Pai , it takes 2 hours bus to there.  Pai its a very small country but its like a fairy tale kingdom. There are romantic  yellow house ,lovely motor hotel and pinky Strawberry Fields . All hotel and building are very interesting .  I really want to stay in every hotel for a night. But it is impossible , i can only  drive the moto bike to visit around the country. When i see any beautiful place i will stop and use my selfie stick to take a good moment with my phone 

Next step  is Samui which is the third iland in Thailand. Samui is not as busy as  Phuket. But the iland always keeps its original everywhere are like a painting, its an Amazing picture . Thats why many western and european really like to travel to there. 

I do enjoy the seafood in Samui , its a lovely alone trip but i feel very releaxed  even just sitting in the Seaside by myself and listenling the sea wave and wind...... 

If you also want to travel to thailand alone. Take your  luggage and selfie stick , just go !!!

Remember As professional selfie stick supplier , we always help you when you need .

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