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Zakat Nepal Forum - Your Help is Needed!

"How does this goes with the national emergency management plan? Alright, the national plan may be in first place for the priority for all the rescue centers or emergency management centers. But if our unit was given a different perspective and this perspective was emergency management on a international degree. How would we in a best way get access to the emergency management rescue operation plan for each nation? Today I am finding structure by structure of defense department. The knowledge of data from each nations structure for operational differences. Training and physical training may be coup. So here is two perspectives to that it is necessary with the national rescue emergency management and the gathering of differences in operational structural factors for international operations. We are in the position were we can provide funding and we also search for grants to continue long-term goals.- Think if your goal is distinct."

Manages Resources and Needs (Social Fund).

§ 1. Member List
§ 2. Commission / Board of Directors
§ 3. The Rules / Statement (Consensus)
§ 4. The Organization Established
§ 5. Proposed Agenda


The Zakat humanitarian community hereafter mentioned "Zakat" is based on a solid culture and tradition in social care, humanism and resources, and the needs of questions that arose in 2014 on the basis of the need for a forum for guidance and management, based on knowledge, experience and sound care, ethics, and procrastination in practice these values ​​with the fundamental basis of the prevailing situation in the mission area in a national, regional and local perspective. We have a situation in the world that requires extensive efforts of society and business stakeholders to achieve a positive development in the region where we are active. There is a great humanism in society and within the business community there is no doubt about that. We know that it still required a more comprehensive perspective of humanism in the society to achieve our next stage of development. We have in our region therefore started a strong community as a social function to create a positive development in our region. Our initiative is meant to lead us in 2015 reached 3,500 member companies that support the community. If you have opinions, ideas or assignments for us in managing resources and needs, you are welcome with your perspective to our work.


To manage the current Directive, the legislation and the balance of the mission and to channel human resources properly in society. To shape the theoretical and practical incentive for the guidance of individuals in need. Today there's no possibility of adapting refugee assistance to existing resources but should be seen as an immediate development area based on need. This project and the forum is thus a function designed to promote the new level of development in specific areas of high pressure on guidance for refugees, humanitarian and immigrants' adaptation to the new society.


Establishing communication among policy makers and researchers, and that based on the current situation in the need to prepare the conditions that contribute to a better situation for those parties who are in need of help. We have a duty to raise the level regionally by the national directive and conditions for providing guidance to development at the individual level. The goal of the project is to contribute to a better knowledge and use of resources for refugee assistance and humanitarian aid as a helping hand where the need exists. The vision in concrete terms is to create a community for collaboration in balance with resources and needs. It is relevant today see this development start up of the community as an institutional function initially 2015-05-09 with around 3500 member entrepreneurs.


By establishing a forum for information and communication between stakeholders within the national administration and area of interest to the Board of Directors adopted priority action areas and to consult about arrangements with interested parties for the healthy care, ethics, and attitude to the need in practice that contributes to a optimal balance and sustainability of development. The organizational form is defined and registered with the Tax Board as a non-profit organization that has qualifying public benefit purposes.

During spring and summer, an initial information meeting is held for the general public and direct specific action areas will significantly occur based on the current needs of the municipality. Then implemented the briefing to the regional level. Project period is three years for the first stage. Thereafter, the project is evaluated every three years.


The initial investment and the operations could be financed partly through membership dues / customs fee according to the adopted agenda and through various forms of aid earmarked for operations form. You can order a membership fee of $ 9 to contribute your commitment through Zakat. In the long term, an economic framework constituted by gifts from the international community through this account.

Haikel Arfaoui & Roger K. Olsson

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